Organic rose enfleurage exfoliating facial scrub Expand

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Organic rose enfleurage exfoliating facial scrub - 15 ml

Organic rose enfleurage exfoliating facial scrub - 15 ml

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Organic rose enfleurage exfoliating facial scrub - 15 ml

41.29 lei


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Shop forCosmetics for Women
Facial Skin CareFacial Creams
Skin TypeDry Skin, Normal and Sensitive Skin, Combination and Oily Skin
Luxury and Exotic IngredientsDamask Rose (Rosa damascena)
Botanical ExtractsAlmond (Prunus amygdalus dulcis), Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) , Apricot (Prunus armeniaca)
Idea BoxLuxury and Exotic Care
Weight/Volume15 ml

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Organic rose enfleurage exfoliating facial scrub - 15 ml

Organic rose enfleurage exfoliating facial scrub - 15 ml

From its beginnings in the Grasse region HÉVÉA has drawn nourishment from the aromatic heritage of this cradle of perfumery. Drawing on its capacity for innovation, HÉVÉA offers the first ever collection of freshly prepared premium organic cosmetics.

The HÉVÉA range embodies purity and authenticity, appealing to customers that look for perfection, social responsibility and a truly natural touch. The beauty products are all handmade, manufactured in small quantities using an exclusive process. Fresh Aloe Vera juice, pomegranate extract, rose water, infused vanilla...a whole host of delectable raw ingredients with a multitude of properties that make the products so deliciously indulgent. Fruity, flowery or spicy, HÉVÉA’s extensive range is sure to satisfy the most eclectic tastes.

The Hevea cosmetics are natural, authentic and exclusive:

  • 95.95% of all ingredients are organically produced,

  • Not tested on animals,

  • Free of harmful substances and pollutants,

  • Hand produced in small quantities in a sustainable and well-regulated fashion,

  • Use recycled and/or recyclable packaging and recycled materials for shipping and communication (paper, cardboard…),

  • ISO 14001 certified laboratory,

  • Preservation of the world’s plant heritage through the creation of botanical collections (over 10000 plants have been planted in Elche, Spain),

  • Fostering the development of local populations by establishing fair trade partnerships: Valley of the Roses in Morocco, a cooperative of Berber women.