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    WE DOLL UP Powder Brush

    This beautiful Kabuki brush is the perfect partner for your Studio 78 Paris powders and bronzers. It is very soft and gentle on the skin, allowing a perfect coverage, but sturdy enough to last. Benefits100% pure goat's hair bristles (trimmed from the goat's belly; a process which is cruelty free)Soft & smoothRoundheadRecyclable...

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  • Studio 78 Paris
    WE SEDUCE Blush Brush

    This curve edges blush brush is large enough to create a natural look, yet small enough to insure precision in application. Very soft and gentle, it allows picking up and applying the right amount of color on the cheeks. Characteristics:100% pure goat's hair bristles (trimmed from the goat's belly; a process which is cruelty free)Soft &...

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  • Studio 78 Paris
    WE OXYGENIZE Chameleon Organic Foundation

    This foundation has been formulated with chameleon pigments, an innovative technology that reveals the pigments hidden in the white base during the application on the skin. It mattifies and creates a very luminous make-up result. BenefitsMoisturizes the skin without clogging the pores Leaves the skin looking radiant, matte and fresh Is infused...

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  • Studio 78 Paris
    WE WALK Organic Blush

    This organic blush powder enhances the skin and promotes a healthy looking result, from dull to radiant in an instant. Studio 78 Paris proposes a special range based on “Baked formula” technology, offering unseen bright and long lasting colors for a make-up result from natural to sophisticated. This “Baked formula” line is obtained...

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  • Studio 78 Paris
    WE TAKE SOME FRESH AIR Luminous Organic Primer

    This creamy base prepares and unifies the skin before the make-up. The gold sparkles are acting like light captors, giving the face an instant veil of transparent glow and leaving the skin luminous and natural. BenefitsSoft, easy to apply It blends and melts beautifully into the skin Provides a smooth & even base for make-up application...

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  • Studio 78 Paris
    WE REVITALISE Bi-phased Water Organic Foundation

    The “We revitalize” foundation sublimates and brings out the natural skin radiance, thanks to its innovative, easy to apply formula: a highly pigmented mineral powdery phase combined with a toning aqueous phase. This bi-phased water organic foundation is made with a special 99% natural (out of which 30% organic) formula that is beneficial for...

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