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  • Trevarno
    Organic Cuticle Oil with Almond Oil and Cocoa Butter - 5ml

    This wonderful nourishing oil designed especially for cuticles is a “must-have” treatment product to help with effective moisturizing and avoid dry and dehydrated cuticles and nails. Made from gentle and nourishing ingredients, this organic cuticle oil contains a combination of olive and almond oils to moisturize the skin leaving it feeling...

    34.39 lei
  • Trevarno
    Organic Nail Conditioner with Propolis - 15ml

    A nourishing treatment cream that will condition and strengthen your nails, whilst reducing ridging and splitting. This wonderful organic nail conditioner is packed full of natural goodness with its vingredients specifically chosen to help strengthen the nails and moisturize the cuticles. Horsetail rich in silica is blended with beeswax, cocoa butter and...

    52.74 lei

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