The Story of Authentic Plaza
When the idea of Authentic Plaza first came to us, our concept revolved around finding products that incorporate not only the desired functions, but also social and environmental principles and values.

That is why we have set out to build a lifestyle platform where shopping becomes more than the simple acquisition of products, it defines who we are and the people we care about, because the act of sharing and gifting should be authentic and thoughtful.

Our mission is to create a very personal experience that is fun and immersive, that integrates core values and principles while balancing inspiration from nature with sophisticated styling and technology and to help our clients find products and experiences that enrich and bring fulfillment to their life.

In a world more and more driven by intensive consumerism, we are trying to search for real value. That is why:

we look for products that not only incorporate the material, but also essential values and principles that are dear to us and our clients,

we support the drive and vision of talented artists, whether they are glassmakers, fashion or jewelry designers, painters or writers,

we look beyond the surface and we try to find and promote companies that care about their clients and have a social and environmental conscience.

We are just starting out and there is so much we want to do. We hope you will join us in our journey…

Thank you!